The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle: Facts And Myths

The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle: Facts And Myths

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The Bermuda triangle has been an unsolved mystery that has left many scientists and great personalities baffled to this day. Also known among the people as the devils triangle is the loosely defined area in the Western region of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is situated between Bermuda, Miami, San Juan and Puerto Rico. Let’s bust some of those myths!

Early disappearances
There have incidents that have been reported from as early as the 1800’s! In 1800 USS Pickering (1798) en route from Guadeloupe to Delaware lost the lives of 90 passengers on board. And the first flight to be lost in the mysteries in the Bermuda Triangle was Flight 19 in 1945. The 13 men plane that was sent in search of the Flight 19 sadly disappeared as well! From that day onwards hundreds of ships and airplanes were lost to the Bermuda Triangle. On May 15 of 2017 a private airplane’s wreckage was found whilst a ship that went off course in October 1st 2015 was found in submerged under the sea! But mysteriously the body of the crew members were not found!

The mystery
Many believe that there is paranormal activity taking place in the triangle. Because explaining some of these queer disappearances make it almost an impossible task! There have been instances when the wreckage has been salvaged but there has been absolutely no trace of the human bodies! Which is a mystery itself! Carroll A. Deering another ghost ship was found abandoned but its captain and 11 crewmen were never to be found! The Bermuda triangle is definitely a queer event that can never be fully explained! Whether it is a viking twin otter plane or a small private one, flying over the Bermuda Triangle is definitely a challenge!

A reality check
So, how can there mysteries be explained with reality? After many years of research and complex experiments, meteorologists say that the mysterious conditions are caused by the hexagonal clouds that cause all the mischief. This was confirmed by the NASA’s satellites that these air pockets were the cause for the many lives lost in the Bermuda triangle. Hexagonal clouds reach up to 20 to 55 miles and have monstrous winds that can reach as high as 45 feet! So, there you go a more believable reason for all this mystery! But will you fly a twin otter aircraft over the Bermuda triangle?

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