Pool Parties For Kids; Blending Fun And Safety

Are you considering throwing a pool party for your kids this summer? Are you a little sceptic about it; simply because of all the “what ifs”? Do you want to know how to throw a water related party that is both fun and safe? If you answered yes to our questions, then the below tips and suggestions are just for you…!

  • Time the party with the weather in mind – the weather now-a-days is very unpredictable. However much you plan ahead, there’s a chance that on the day of your party, it might just turn unexpectedly. Be prepared for both the harsh sun as well as the unexpected cool air. Have both sun shades and (if using a large/adult pool) heat pumps QLD prepared and ready to use. heat-pump-qld
  • Sunscreens are a must – children burn pretty fast under the sun; especially if they’re having too much fun to notice. Rather than regret it later, make sure to instruct the parents to slather them in sun screen before dropping them off. Better yet, just like you’d be prepared with the pool insulation Gold Coast, be prepared for the sunburns too. Set up a before-the-water station where they’ll put on sunscreen. Lay out a few fun shades as well; just for fun. Apart from this, it’s also a great idea to be prepared for other emergencies; so keep your first-aid kit handy, and don’t forget to stock it with a soothing aloe gel as well!
  • Have plenty of in-water as well as out-of-water activities and games planned – not all of your guest are going to like splashing about in the water; some might even get bored with it after a while. So plan plenty of in and out-of-water games and activities; to ensure that everyone is having a great time at the party.
  • Stock up on the drinks, water and popsicles – being under the sun and splashing about is going to make the kids very, very thirsty. Instead of having them run in and out of the house searching for water, make sure it’s stocked somewhere easy to reach. Other soft drinks and homemade popsicles can be served later on as the party progresses.
  • Keep the food light – unlike the adults, kids don’t really like to pause their fun just to let their body digest their food. To avoid having your guests uncomfortable or hanging over your toilets, serve only light finger foods as their refreshments.
  • Remember to check on the new swimmers – more often than not, you’d find that some of your guests are pretty new to swimming; especially in adult pools. To avoid any potential harm, always have plenty of floating devices at hand for their aid. It’s also a great idea to ask some of their parents to help you out with swimming duty. Under the eyes of watchful adults, the kids can have all the fun they want without putting themselves in danger…